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Time to bolt

My last night living in Fairfax will be December 5th.

My trip to PA to look for apartments was most certainly an interim success. The renters of the apartment I'm crashing at this weekend offered me this one room here for $100 a month until their lease is up in February.

In February one of several things can happen. We'll either rent an big 2 bedroom apartment with a den for $1150/mo + 2 small utilities, cold water and internet. The den is the same size as the non-master bedroom. Ross, the friend of mine I came up here to crash with to find an apartment, is perfectly comfortable living in the den, seeing as he'd only be in his bedroom to sleep (I know some productive motherfuckers). I'd be fine with it to, but he offered first. That would put him in the den, me in a bedroom, and Drew and Melissa in the other bedroom. They're married and expecting, but young enough to not have enough money to live on their own, so they find roommates.
OR, there are several three bedroom houses for rent for not much over apartment price, and there are four of us, either way.

Ross is a buddy of mine who also works at my backpacking camp. I've known him for four years and I know his work ethic and his living conditions, seeing as we who work at camp live and work in close quarters for 9 straight weeks. You'd be surprised how much you get to know people over just two months of constant close contact. After two months you feel like you've known someone for two years. What I'm getting at is- I'm very discriminating of who I'd rent a place with, and I feel that I know Ross well enough to trust his judgment in situations involving contracts and money. He tells me that Drew and Melissa are reliable and very easy to live with.  I'll take his word for it, and while I've been staying here for the past three nights it's been very cool.

Yesterday I visited a rock climbing gym out here not very far away from Warminster, the town I'm in. It's a 22 mile drive, around 40 minutes. Hell, living in fairfax it can take much longer than that to get to work during rush hour.

It's called the Philadelphia Rock Gym at Oaks in Phoenixville, PA. I walked in, glanced around (very nice gym), went to the front desk and filled out an employment application. I told them when I'd be moving up and that I would contact them when I got here, and they said "Cool!". They looked over my application, and I saw nods of good impression. I guess having an Associates degree, being an eagle scout, and having been trained and certified to run and direct climbing programs are all big helps.

I'm going to miss my friends in Fairfax so fucking much. I haven't lived outside of Fairfax County since I was 2 years old. I haven't lived away from my core groups friends for more than 2 months. It's gonna be hard, but I know I'll be back around. People move on and go elsewhere, right?


Let's do this thang.

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