And to the woods we must return. (eyes_of_horus) wrote,
And to the woods we must return.

Thank you McCain!

John McCain's abysmal choice for a running mate, AK Gov. Sarah Palin, only boosts my confidence that Obama has the best chance at being elected President.

If McCain wanted to go for someone young and fresh into politics, he could have chosen someone that at least most Americans outside of Alaska have heard of.

Ok, I'm looking at it in a different light. Don't get me wrong, but Palin might not have been such an awful choice for McCain afterall.

-McCain has to pick someone young, just to be able to survive on a competitive playing field with Obama.
-He needs someone who is an outsider with little to no ties to the Bush Administration.
-She's an unconventional republican in that her state of Alaska has to deal with a lot of unconventional problems, given it's location, size, geography, and population. Somemone who, more or less, goes against the political grain can avoid being pigeonholed by democrats and gives McCain more of a "change for america" look (this just the day after Obama's speech on how a 10% chance at change isn't enough.)

If he's also hoping to pick up swing voters from Hillary, then THAT is a dumb move. She's far too right wing and has politics too similar to McCain to pick up the average Hillary supporter.

More details on her

- Is pro-Life
- Is anti-Same Sex Marriage
- Is pro- Oil Drilling in ANWR
- Has ZERO foreign policy experience.
- Has ZERO national policy experience. Everything she's ever done has been for and about Alaska.
- No experience in Washington DC

I wouldn't give her access to pick up my kids from school, let alone access to the Nation's nuclear weapons codes.
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